From the acropolis of Hyampolis, about 2 ½ km. N.W. of Abai,  are some scarce remains of the walls. Despite Papachatzis’ assurance about this, I have not been able to find any traces of a theater. The city was particularly important because the only easy connection between Phokis and the coastal area of Lokris was nearby. At Hyampolis, the Phokians have won their main victory over the Thessalians, an achievement they have been proud of throughout ancient times.


I did not visit the temples and graves on the map (probably the temple of Apollo discussed by Pausanias at Abai).

Photos: above, the acropolis of Hyampolis (2 x). On the right, map (click for an enlarged view), on the right and below, the remains of the walls of Hyampolis.

The temple for Artemis Elaphebolia mentioned by Pausanias has not been found in the immediate area. Today, a large temple is 5 km. north of Hyampolis is officially named as the temple of Artemis. This temple, a Doric peripteros with 6 x 14 columns, has been rebuilt several times in antiquity, last in the 4th century. Discovered and excavated in 1973-1977, new excavations are currently being prepared (2010). The photos give an impression of the great execution in the 4th century BC. Note the “driveway” of the temple (center), similar to the one in Delphi.