The ancient town of Kyparissia (called Arcadia in the Middle Ages because of the large flow of refugees who had fled from Slavic invaders) was not very important in ancient times. Mycenaean remains (including some tholos tombs) indicate the existence of a settlement, and Homeros mentions a Kyparissia in one verse together with the city of Pylos and some other towns (2,593), but according to Strabo he is not referring to Messenic Kyparissia. In Hellenistic and Roman times, the city experienced a flourishing period, given the countless finds. In the Middle Ages, a large fortress was built on top of the remains of the classical acropolis (note the difference in architectural style in the photo center left), of which the remnants can still be admired. The charmingly situated town is popular with (Greek) tourists because of its harbor.