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Elis city, situated on the other side of the Peneios, was traditionally the capital of the district of Elis. As an urban center, it probably did not emerge until after the Persian Wars, while before that time the population lived in a number of villages. The most important antique remains (albeit not so impressive) are the theater and the unclear remains of two stoa’s on the agora. A city wall has not been found. The former acropolis still contains remains of a Frankish castle. The most important finds from Elis city are housed in a huge new museum.

Above from left to right: remains of a bathhouse (?), The theater, the museum of Elis-city. Photos below: aerial photos of the theater, the agora (stoa 5), the square house (10) and the city district on the other side of the away. Right: the famous statue of Skopas (6.25.1) by Afrodite Pandemos on a coin (photo Papachatzis).

plattegrond van Elis-stad, met 1) gymnasion, 2) badhuis, 3) Hof van Achilles, 4) Rechtszaaltje, 5) Stoa, 6) Stoa, 7), 8), 9) heiligdommen, 10) vierkant gebouw, 11) muurtje, 12-13) hofjes en tempeltje, 14) theater