The site of the ancient Alipheira has been easily accessible and signposted since the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The city was part of the Arcadian League, and contributed to the foundation of Megalopolis. According to Pausanias, the name of the city is derived from Prince Aliphèros, the son of the hero Lycaon, who plays a major role in the mythology of Arcadia. The two Hellenistic tombs near Alipheira (top left and top left) are exceptionally beautifully restored, but the location of the city with its ancient temple of Athena (6th century BC, right) and its city walls is just as beautiful. A small sanctuary of Asclepios contains the remains of a temple, with an altar and a court surrounded by columns (below, aerial view). The site is rarely visited. The ancient Alipheira lost all importance with the foundation of Megalopolis.