Museum Eleusis

In the modest, but very beautiful museum of Eleusis, some of the most beautiful finds of the sanctuary can be seen, dating from all periods in which the sanctuary was used. There are not only beautiful geometric and early archaic vases (including the blindness of the Cyclops by Odysseus, with a poorly visible Perseus and Medusa on the belly), but also a beautiful Roman sarcophagus depicting the hunt for the Kalydonian boar, a beautiful statue of Antinous, Emperor Hadrian’s friend, (see also Delphi Museum) and one of the two Karyatids in the front hall, and a number of beautiful reliefs. At least as important, however, is the information boards  give the visitor a reasonable picture of the enormously complicated sequence of walls and ground tracks, which often make viewing the site itself somewhat difficult. The large Triptolemos relief is a cast of the one in the National Archaeological Museum.