The modern town of Galaxidi, a very beautifully situated town on the Gulf of Corinth, still has some remains of an ancient defensive wall. Over time it has been heavely disputed whether this settlement was equated with Oiantheia, which is discussed by Pausanias, or with Chaleion, which is known only from other sources. An ancient inscription seems to support the latter. Apart from the extremely beautiful location, Galaxidi is interesting to walk through, because of the reuse of the antique walls: in several places, the antique walls serve as a foundation for modern houses. It is to be hoped that the archaeologists can hold back and do not commit this unique – for Greece – reuse.


The map (taken from Papachatzis) shows a groundplan of Galaxidi, on which you can see the places where remains of the ancient Chaleion can be found (see also the photos below).