From the ancient city of Gortys you can still see some remains of walls and towers on the acropolis (BCH 1947-8, not photographed), with the remains of a small Asklepios sanctuary, also mentioned by Pausanias, close to the river the Lousios. On the spot you can still see the foundations of the temple, and the remains of a Hellenistic bathhouse, reconstructed in the late Roman period. The hypocaust floor is in reasonably good condition. Beautiful is the gorge of the Lousios (at Pausanias de Gortynios), with the “most refreshing” water of all rivers, through which a walk has been made along the various monasteries that lie there.

Some photos of the Asklepios sanctuary and the surrounding area of the city, in particular the gorge of the Lousios (including a beautiful 12th century church, and two medieval bridges). Click on the map (from Papachatzis) for an enlargement.