The (restored) Tholos tomb of Peristeriá (one specimen of three graves) bears witness to the wealth of the Mycenaean Messene. The excavations of 1960-1970 have not only revealed the remains of three tholos graves, but also house remains and the remains of a defensive wall. Peristeriá seems to have been especially important around 1500 B.C., in the period before the rise of the palace at Pylos (Ano Englianós). Although the tombs had been looted in ancient times, the few finds left by the grave robbers are comparable to the gold finds from the shaft tombs at Mycenae.
A short distance down the hill of Peristeriá one can walk into a small gorge with an underground river.


Photos: the restored tholos tomb and the remains of the two unrestored tombs.

Down left, a golden cup found in Peristeriá, on display in the museum of Ano Engliano, in the middle of house remains.