The town of Nafpaktos (known as Lepanto in the Middle Ages) was an important port in ancient times and in the Middle Ages, but is now only important as a marina. The acropolis (mainly venetian wallwork) is beautifully situated and offers a beautiful view over the harbor. In the Peloponnesian wars and later was often fought for the possession of the town (which was occupied by the Athenians and donated to the Messenians, conquered again by the Lokrians, by Epameinondas, the Achaians and joined the Aitolian League). Nafpaktos continued to exist even after the restoration of Patras by Augustus (although all Lokris was placed under the authority of Patras) and already in the 2nd century AD. knew bishops.
The famous “Battle of Lepanto” was prepared here, although it actually took place outside the Gulf of Corinth. In this grand naval battle between the Turks and an allied Christian fleet, the Turks were devastated in 1571. The young Spanish writer Cervantes lost the use of his right hand here and is now honored with a statue in the harbor.
Both the fort and the harbor are currently very popular places to relax.