The ancient city of Leontion  is not mentioned by Pausanias, although it certainly existed in his time. It has been identified with the remains lying to the north of the monastery of  St. Vlastos close to the modern village of Kastritsi. The road leading to the ciry is not signposted, although close to the ancient ruins (some 200-300 yards besides the road Patras-Kalavryta) a sign has stood (which lay on the ground when I last vistited it). Leontion was one of the 12 cities belonging to the Older Achaean League, and was also a member of the second Achaean League. Kallikrates, an Achaean politician who is often mentioned by Pausanias (negatively) was an inhabitant of Leontion. The only truly interesting building left on the site is the small theatre, which is situated in a beautiful landscape.