Kallimarmaro stadium

The Kalimarmaro stadium is so called because it was made entirely of white marble. It was located about 1 km east of the acropolis in the heart of Athens and was originally built around 330 BC. founded for the Panathenaic Games. Between 140 and 144 AD. the building was provided with marble and enlarged by Herodus Atticus. After antiquity, the marble was removed and used elsewhere as a building material.

When excavations began in the area where the stadium was located in 1860, the original structure was found. Because the first modern Olympic Games were to be held in 1896, it was decided to restore the stadium to its former glory. That was done and the stadium is still there. It has  been used again during the 2004 Athens Olympics. It was then the place where the marathon ended and  where the archery took place.