The ancient Hysiai (Pausanias 2.24.7) can be seen as a border town between Argolis and Arkadia. The area surrounding the town, of which only meager remains have been preserved, was the scene of a major battle between the Spartans and the Argivers in 669 BC. in the constant struggle for possession of the region around Thyrea (the Thyreatis). At that time the Argivers won, but soon the Spartans gained the upper hand, including in the famous “duel of the 2 x 300”, 2 groups of elite soldiers who entered the duel with each other. The commandos from Argos won, but because the Spartans did not keep to the agreement, and went out in full attack with the rest of their army, they won the war and the Thyreatis. Still in 417 before Chr. the Spartans took Hysiai and massacred the inhabitants .. Yet the city wall was quickly rebuilt. The meager remains of Hysiai can be found near the current Achladokambos. Unfortunately, the site is difficult to access.

The photos show something of the city walls of Hysiai. Immediately next to the site is the church of Achladokambos.