For Herodotos (4.145-148), Lepreon  was the most important of a number of cities founded by refugees from Lemnos. As the capital of Triphylia, it fought multiple conflicts with the Eleans to gain independence. Elis was so much humiliated by the Spartans that it had to release the dependent cities. On the acropolis one can still find remains of the city wall with towers from Hellenistic times, and an impressive entrance gate, and a little further on a very beautiful Doric temple, possibly the temple of Demeter mentioned by Pausanias.



Pausanias (5.5.5) about Lepreon:

The Lepreots say they had a temple in the city within the city for Zeus Leukaios and a tomb for Lykourgos son of Aleos, and also a tomb for Kaukon. On that grave would also have been a  decoration of a man with a lyre in his hands. (6) In my time, there is no longer a notable tomb and no more sanctuary for one of the gods, except one of Demeter. That too was made of roughly hewn stones and no longer had a cult image.