Aigosthena is the northernmost city of the Megarid. The city lay in the bay of present-day Porto Germano on the ancient route from Boiotia to Megara and was an important junction in the land route between BoiTiya and the Peloponnese, but was also important as a harbor in the Corinthian Gulf. The city originally fell under Megara, but now and then joined the Boi Bond. Around 420 the city – with Pagai – was independent for some time. Aigosthena is mentioned relatively little in the written sources; It is known that the Spartans withdrew to Aigosthena after their dramatic defeat at Aigosthena. Part of the city wall and towers have been preserved to their full height and enclose a rectangle of 550 x 180 m. The surrounding walls contain late-Byzantine monastery cells and two equally old churches.

Click on the photos for an enlarged view. Below: the wall of Aigosthena.