Museum Peiraieus

The archaeological museum in the Peiraieus contains some very special finds. Interesting are the classicist reliefs from the Roman period, many of which have been preserved in several copies, testifying to the mass production of Greek reliefs for the Roman market. These reliefs have been found in the harbor, the remains of a Roman cargo ship sunk on the spot. They date from the 2nd century A.D., the museum also has some beautiful funerary monuments, but the finds that make the museum one of the best in Greece are the four larger than life bronze statues found in a Roman warehouse in the Peiraieus, ready for shipment to Rome as spoils of war by Sulla. There is a beautiful Apollo from about 530-510 B.C., an Artemis in the style of Praxiteles, a second Artemis from the 4th century B.C. (possibly a work by Euphranor given the similarity in style with the Apollo Patroos on the Athenian agora (poorly preserved), and a magnificent Athena, possibly also by Euphranor.