The ancient town of Kreusis in Boiotia was the port of the city of Thespiae in Pausanias’ time (see 9.32.1). Pausanias, who says that there were no public buildings, and that only a plaster statue of Dionysus was preserved, does not seem to have visited the town. He sails to the city from Boiotia and from there it continues northwest. At Kreusis the river Oëroë flows into the Corinthian gulf. Almost at the mouth are now the remains of a medieval watchtower, while remains of the ancient wall are located directly on the sea in a beautiful bay, the bay of Livadhostro. Unfortunately, the mountains surrounding the bay suffered forest fires in 2008.
Photos above: the medieval tower on the Oëroë, left the bay of Livadhostro, bottom left and right the fourth century fortifications.