Koroni is a picturesque town with some ancient remains from ancient Asine, the new residence for the refugees of the Asine in the Argolis. In the Middle Ages, abandoned Asine was inhabited again, now by refugees from ancient Korone (now Petalidhi), from which it owes its current name. Under the name of Coron, Koroni experienced a period of great prosperity from 1206 as one of the fulcrums of the Venetian sea empire. The town was able to resist the Turks in 1428, but surrendered  in 1500, when the neighboring Methoni was also taken. In 1685, the Venetian general Morosini succeeded in temporarily reclaiming the town from the Turks, slaughtering all 1500 defenders, but it took until 1828 before the town finally fell into Greek hands.