The elevated antique town of Typaneion, accessible from the village of Platiana, from where signs bring you further, offers stunning views far beyond the Alpheios valley. Unfortunately, this valley was hit hard by the heavy forest fires of 2007. Especially the (Hellenistic) walls of the antique town (which is not mentioned by Pausanias!) are well preserved. A theater can still be recognized, as well as a cistern carved on the agora, but otherwise the site is mainly a beautiful location. The site is reasonably to easily accessible via (first) an asphalt road through the village of Platiana, then an unpaved wide path, and finally a brand new (earthen) staircase to the acropolis.


Above from left to right: the plateau of Typaneion (2x); the theater of Typaneion, bottom left: the seat of honor for the highest magistrate or priest of the city.