The remains of the Boiotian city of Anthedon are located on the coast near the modern village of Loukisia. The city is first mentioned in the Homeric Catalog of Ships, and still experienced a period of prosperity 1000 years later (Pausanias), especially through the capture and processing of purple snails. The city was abandoned in the Middle Ages because of the increasing piracy at sea; today there are no more purple snails in the sea of Anthedon. Remains of the defensive wall can be found on its former acropolis (non vidimus), remains of the harbor directly by the sea, including from two breakwaters (8 and 9) and from a large platform (no.7), possibly from a colonnade (stoa). There is no trace of the early Christian basilica drawn on the map.


The remains are unmarked and unimpressive. The map (Papachatzis) is clickable for an enlargement. Photos from left to right the port of Anthedon (2x), under the platform.