Ancient Tithorea was on the spot of what is now Ano Tithorea. Large parts of the antique walls can still be seen from this antique town, several gravestones can also be seen, built into the walls. The city wall dates back to between 346 B.C;, when the Phocian cities were demolished after the Third Holy War, and the Celtic invasion in 279 B.C., when Tithorea was certainly inhabited. In the current Kato Tithorea (the ancient Neon), few antique remains are visible. The view of the Parnassos is very beautiful. The gorge, in which Tithorea is situated, can be seen as the road “through the Parnassos” mentioned by Pausanias. A church in the town houses a beautiful Roman mosaic. In another church some antique material has been used as inscriptions.