(Afrodite’s sanctuary on the holy road)

The sanctuary of Aphrodite, a short distance from Dafni Monastery, is mentioned by Pausanias on his way to Eleusis. It was the most important sanctuary on the Holy Road and a mandatory stop for the initiates in the procession to Eleusis. The sanctuary is very irregular in shape, with a propylon in the south wall (1). In the sanctuary you can see the foundations of a small temple (2) and a colonnade in the south (3). Numerous niches have been carved into the rocks (4) for votive gifts to Aphrodite (statues of the goddess or pigeons).
Just outside the sanctuary are the priest’s house (5) and a rectangular building that originally served as a garrison post, it was destroyed and used as a burial ground. (6). Remains of the Holy road can still be seen at 7 (picture). The road splits in two here, one route following the same route as the current one, and the other through the hills to the Rheitoi (Lake Koumoundourou).

from left to right  Vieuw over the sanctuary, rock wall with niches; the fort with the graves..