The ancient Akraiphnion (also called Akraiphia) is located immediately south and southwest of modern Akrefni. The Acropolis of Akraiphnion, south of the present village, contains some fine remains of the Hellenistic walls that connect the Acropolis and the lower town. The lower town houses a beautiful Byzantine church, in the walls of which several gravestones are incorporated, and a long inscription written in the 1st century AD. which includes the letter of thanks from Emperor Caligula to the “Panhellian” embassy that had come to congratulate him on his accession to the throne. This legation was set up and financed by Epameinondas, the son of Epameinondas from Akraiphnion, who tried to strengthen his position in Roman Greece: IG VII, 2711.3.
The photos show the church in the lower town, some wall remains on the acropolis and the view over the acropolis to the so-called Paralimni lake. A fairly well marked (by blue paint marks on the rocks) footpath leads up to the right of the church to the acropolis.