museum Patras

Main hall of the museum with rooms from farms

Mycenean “Duckvase”  from Patras

The completely renovated Archaeological Museum in Patras is unique in its kind for Greece. It is largely dedicated to finds from the Roman period, from which it has beautiful mosaics. In addition, there are finds from the wider area and also from earlier periods. The level of the collection, but especially the enormous space in this beautiful museum is high. Since 2012 it is allowed to take pictures here. Here some of the many finds are displayed.



Skull with wreaths from the necropolises around Patras

Huge mosaic with beautiful details




Left: An overall view and details of a copy of the great Athena statue from the Parthenon in Athens. It is clearly visible how the goddess’s shield was decorated with a battle scene from the battle between the Athenians and the Amazons. This detail is missing from the (much better preserved) Athena Varvakiou in the NAM in Athens.

Satyr helps with wine pressing

The three Graces dance around an altar


Map of Patras

Roman portrait 2nd century