Museum Nafplio


The Museum of Nafplio (Syntagma Square) is one of the finest museums in Greece. It has an exceptionally fine collection and offers a particularly good overview of the Mycenaean centers around Nafplio, especially Tiryns and Lerna. Classic and pre-classic Argos are also well represented. The museum is located in an old building of the Venetian fortress.


One of the most famous articles shown is the Mycenaean armor of Dendra, a bronze armor worn by a Mycenaean aristocrat around 1200 B.C.

Other masterpieces are a prehistoric idol, the finds from the Franchti cave, Mycenaean vases, a beautiful collection of terracotta goddess statues from Tiryns (1200 B.C.), and finds from the archaic period (600 B.C.), then after the Downfall of Mycenaean culture a new period of flourishing emerged on the ruins of Mycenaean Tiryns. The palace was replaced by a temple. Votive gifts were eventually thrown into a large pit and there 2,500 years later. Of particular interest are two terracotta votive shields and some ritual masks.