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Restauration works have begun on the ancient theatre of Sparta, which will eventually lead to the partial reconstruction of one of the greatest theatres in Greece.

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Welcome to the Pausanias-project, a site with over 2500 photo’s and maps, containing descriptions of classical and later Greece. The site is meant as a pictorial commentary to the Dutch translation of the antique “travelwriter” Pausanias (ca. 150 AD) by J. Abbenes, but can be used with all translations. The site is set up according to Pausanias’ division of Greece in 9 regions.

         This site will be updated every three to four months. It is meant to cover eventually all places visited by Pausanias. Pages about the history of Greece will present a global view of Greece áfter Pausanias. It will take some time for the English version to cover the same range of items as the Dutch version (for which, click on the flag)..